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Counseling and mediation in the procurement of machinery and equipment

In case you need an advice regarding the procurement of machinery and equipment from the woodworking industry, Salex offers counseling on your decision, as well as procurement of machines made by the world’s best HOMAG Group, such as:

HOLZMA, plate-form materials cutting machines

HOMAG and BRANDT, edge banding machines

HOMAG and WEEKE, CNC machines

BARGSTEDT systems for automatic control and storage of materials

LIGMATECH, automated transport systems, installation of furniture and packaging

FRIZ, caching machines, panels coating, production of door panel wings and many other machines for production and processing of various materials and complete products. Among all others, we provide the possibility for procurement of machinery for plate-form material cutting (circulars) made by the world famous renown company

ALTENDORF, in a selection of several models at affordable prices.

Installation and setup of machines

We provide services for installation of new and used machines when moving or relocating into an existing space, setting the machines, as well as operational training. We also offer the opportunity for contractual cooperation for preventive maintenance, monitoring and regular control of the machines.

Staff training for operation and maintenance of machines

Among other services, we offer cooperation in training and retraining of your staff, onsite on a particular machine or processing system, or in the plant of the machinery manufacturers.

Supply of electric hand tools and accessories

The manual electric tools producer BOSCH is found in each workshop, from the smallest production capacity to large production systems and manufacturers. Offering various batteries, all-purpose electric tools, to pneumatic tools that provide quality and longtime usage in toughest conditions.

Procurement of drilling tools for woodworking machines

Salex offer is complete with the procurement of drilling tools for all types of machines in the woodworking industry, with an option to be produced according to your desire and draft, as well as to select tools from the wide range of standard tools of the reputable company BUP Utensili.