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Edge banding and CNC processing machines

For furniture manufacturers, their suppliers of plate-form material, interior decoration companies, to small workshops - HOMAG offers machines and equipment for every need and purpose in the woodworking industry.
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Машини за кантирање и ЦНЦ машини за обработка

airTec technology

With the airTec-system, HOMAG has developed the ideal solution for entrance in the invisible compound (zero-joint) technology for industrial production of large series and service orders.

Venture 316

The CNC processing center Venture 316-5 axis based technology for processing of plate-form material and solid wood.

KAL 600

Modern production of furniture is no longer possible without powerful combined backhoe formatting and edge banding machines. Select KAL 600, which deals with prepared pieces of exact dimensions or KFL 600 that offers formatting, edge banding and finishing works.